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Why is sealed?

Nov 26, 2016 at 1:20 PM
Hy everybody!
What the reason for the generated scanner class is marked as "sealed"? Where I can see an special options for manage this?
public sealed partial class MyScanner : ScanBase
I want to use same scanner for two own parsers, but first should be generated for "usual" grammar (where EOL does not affect the rules), and other - where EOL used in the grammar.
For this I hoped override the yylex() method for skip any EOL tokens (for first case).
    public class MyScannerWithSkipEOL : MyScanner
        public override int yylex()
            int token = base.yylex();
            while (token == (int)Token.EOL)
                token = base.yylex();
            return token;
But generated MyScanner is sealed